The 1965 Immigration Act

Senator Kennedy has been involved in immigration legislation for a long time; he was the mouthpiece of the 1965 Immigration Act (yes, he has been ruining the country for more than forty years). Take a look at some of the arguments he made in support of the act back then:

Chief among national concerns was total numeric immigration. Senate floor manager and Camelot knight-errant Ted Kennedy, D-Massachusetts, assured jittery senators that “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually.” Senator Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, further calmed that august body, insisting “the total number of potential immigrants would not be changed very much.” Time has proven otherwise. Average immigration levels before the 1965 amendments took effect hovered around 300,000 per annum. Yet 1,045,000 legal immigrants flooded our cities in 1996 alone…

…Thirty-plus years of immigration at historic levels have also had an economic impact on America. In 1965, Ted Kennedy confidently predicted, “No immigrant visa will be issued to a person who is likely to become a public charge.” However, political refugees qualify for public assistance upon setting foot on U.S. soil. The exploding Somali refugee population of Lewiston, Maine, (pop. 36,000) is largely welfare-dependent. Likewise, 2,900 of Wausau, Wisconsin’s 4,200 Hmong refugees receive public assistance. In all, 21 percent of immigrants receive public assistance, whereas 14 percent of natives do so. Immigrants are 50 percent more likely than natives to live in poverty.

Take a look at what that bill has brought us:


Senator Kennedy was wrong on every argument he made in support of the 1965 Immigration Act, but that hasn’t stopped him from teaming up with John McCain to create the next impending immigration disaster that would set every illegal immigrant currently in the US on the path to citizenship.

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