Forget the Constitution, we're talking reality here

Every now and then, I’ll be right on the verge of an insight, wrestling with it over and over and not quite getting a grasp on it. I’ll get closer and closer to understanding, but never quite reach the conclusion. And then I’ll read something that takes all the little disparate thoughts and observations and notions I’ve had and tie them up in a neat little package with a cute little bow, leaving me nothing to do but marvel at the other writer’s work and mutter profanities.

Dafydd ab Hugh is the latest to do that to me.

He’s taken the traditional view of how our government works and turned it upside down. He’s looked at the last 60 years of American political history and built a model that explains so much of how things work , and how we ended up where we are today.

The one thing missing from ab Hugh’s piece is a way of summing up the two factions in snappy phrases. Much like the blogosphere is easily divided into “thinkers” and “linkers,” we need catchy terms for the parties for his idea to really catch fire, like it deserves. A few possibilities come to mind (the Churchillean “jaw, jaw” and ‘war, war,” “talkers” and “doers,” or “words” and “deeds.”

Go and give it a read. I really think Dafydd’s on to something here.

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