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For those of you who think Katrina is nothing more than one big partisan issue… please get your heads out of your ass.

Couple live, sleep in car as FEMA trailer sits idle at their house for two months

For one New Orleans couple, Katrina’s nightmare has brought new pain each night, some seven months after the storm. That’s because this couple has been sleeping in their car since returning to New Orleans in January.

Paul Morris, 74, and his wife, Yvonne, 66, thanked God they survived Katrina, because they almost did not evacuate when the storm struck.

Walking through their gutted house since then, the two have given though to the once comfortable retirement they enjoyed there before the storm.

“I had a 61-inch television, two La-Z-Boys, and I enjoyed myself,” said Paul, a Korean War veteran. Katrina flooded the Morris’ home with ten to 12 feet of water.

Now, the pair calls their two-door mid-sized sedan home. It’s an uncomfortable situation.

But this is where the 74-year-old Korean War veteran and his 66-year old wife have been spending the night since returning to New Orleans in January, their two-door mid-sized sedan.

“We swap up. I sleep (in the front) because he has to stretch his bad leg, so I’ll sleep in the front here, and put the seat back, and he’ll just lay back there,” Yvonne said.

With a bad knee, Paul said it’s hard to get comfortable in the backseat of a car.

On many nights, the couple has been afraid to sleep in their car in such a quiet neighborhood, often driving around the city to find some place safe to park for a short rest.

Sadly, the Morris’ FEMA trailer has been parked next to their house for the last two and a half months. The power has not been connected and the couple has not received the keys.

This story is repeated all over town. FEMA will not give you the keys until all the services are hooked up and sometimes that takes months. One woman was nearly arrested becasue she called a locksmith and moved into the trailer sans FEMA permission.

I’ve posted on this website about 100 times that a half a million people are homeless. I don’t think people can actually fathom that. — Sure many have bought elsewhere or have some sort or permant living arrangements but there are many people still people living in church shelters, cars, tents or wherever they can find shelter. One man is Slidell is -literally- sleeping in his the back yard in the dog house. Others are living in tool sheds.

So the next time you think Katrina is just some partisan ballgame, do me a favor and think of this 71 year old war veteran and his 66 year old wife.

They deserve better than that crap.

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