America In Distress

The students who raised the American flag upside down and below the Mexican flag obviously didn’t get the appropriateness of the symbolism they created:


The American flag raised with the union upside down is a sign of extreme distress.

Can we count on the American MSM to show this image? No.

Will the American people sympathize with all the protestors who are waving the Mexican flag while disrespecting America and its laws? Not a chance.

These protesters are saying that American laws and customs mean nothing to them; yet they demand to be supported by the American taxpayers.

Michelle Malkin has more on the protests.

Tony Blankley has an op/ed today in which he explains exactly how the American people feel about illegal immigration:

National polling data could not be more emphatic — and has been so for decades. Gallup Poll (March 27) finds 80 percent of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration. A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don’t even want illegals to be permitted to have driver’s licenses). Time Magazine’s recent poll (Jan. 24-26) found 75 percent favor “major penalties” on employers of illegals, 70 percent believe illegals increase the likelihood of terrorism and 57 percent would use military force at the Mexican-American border.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (March 10-13) found 59 percent opposing a guest-worker proposal, and 71 percent would more likely vote for a congressional candidate who would tighten immigration controls.

An IQ Research poll (March 10) found 92 percent saying that securing the U.S. border should be a top priority of the White House and Congress.

The American people have made themselves clear: they want tougher immigration laws. How do the senators and representatives in Congress react? By ignoring the American people:

Yet, according to a National Journal survey of Congress, 73 percent of Republican and 77 percent of Democratic congressmen and senators say they would support guest-worker legislation.

Tony references Robert Samuelson who made observations Americans already seem to know but congress obviously doesn’t get:

Regarding the Senate’s and the president’s guest-worker proposals, The Post’s Robert Samuelson writes: “Gosh, they’re all bad ideas … We’d be importing poverty. This isn’t because these immigrants aren’t hardworking, many are. Nor is it because they don’t assimilate, many do. But they generally don’t go home, assimilation is slow and the ranks of the poor are constantly replenished … [It] is a conscious policy of creating poverty in the United States while relieving it in Mexico … The most lunatic notion is that admitting more poor Latino workers would ease the labor market strains of retiring baby boomers ? Far from softening the social problems of an aging society, more poor immigrants might aggravate them by pitting older retirees against younger Hispanics for limited government benefits … [Moreover], [i]t’s a myth that the U.S. economy ‘needs’ more poor immigrants.

And note the effect illegal immigration has on Americans’ job prospects:

[T]he very liberal and often partisan Paul Krugman of the New York Times courageously wrote : “Unfortunately, low-skill immigrants don’t pay enough taxes to cover the cost of the [government] benefits they receive ? As the Swiss writer Max Frisch wrote about his own country’s experience with immigration, ‘We wanted a labor force, but human beings came.’ ” Mr. Krugman also observed — citing a leading Harvard study — “that U.S. high school dropouts would earn as much as 8 percent more if it weren’t for Mexican immigration. That’s why it’s intellectually dishonest to say, as President Bush does, that immigrants ‘do jobs that Americans will not do.’ The willingness of Americans to do a job depends on how much that job pays — and the reason some jobs pay too little to attract native-born Americans is competition from poorly paid immigrants.” Thusly do the two leading economic writers for the nation’s two leading liberal newspapers summarily debunk the economic underpinning of the president’s and the Senate’s immigration proposals.

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