Milblog of the Week

Last week, I had a special Milblog picked out for Milblog of the Week, but due to circumstances beyond my control that fell apart. I hope to swing that next week, circumstances permitting.

But for this week, I’ve decided to branch out a bit. Normally, I try to pick a well-written but not well-known milblog and shine the spotlight on it. This time, however, I’m going to bypass the well-written blog and go for a military photoblogger.

Afghanidan is a blog run by Captain Dan, and he’s only been posting since January. He’s a former Marine who’s now serving in the Army, and he’s documenting his tour in Afghanistan with some remarkable photos. He’s taken a series from helicopters over the awe-inspiring Hindu Kush, as well as close-up photos of the people of Afghanistan as US forces offer them medical treatment.

So head on over to Captain Dan’s site, enjoy his photos, and leave him a few kind words.

I am always accepting nominations for MilBlog Of The Week. Just e-mail them to jaytea (at), or TempoMan49 (at)

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