Two great fiskings

Fisking is a great art — taking a piece and ripping it apart, line by line, exposing its frauds, its fallacies, its errors. I’ve done it myself a few times, but it’s quite frankly more work than I often feel up to putting forth. But I have a tremendous respect for those who can do it well.

There are two great examples out right now, and both made me severely envious for not having written them.

Last week, two professors released a report on what they considered the source of all our problems in the Middle East. Not surprisingly, it’s all the fault of Israel. Richard Baehr and Ed Lasky took a hard look this so-called “scholarly work,” and to say they found it “lacking” would be a miracle of understatement.

OK, it’s not a true Fisking, but it is wonderful.

This one, however, is. Retired Major General Paul Eaton wrote an Op-Ed for the New York Times excoriating Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and his management of the Department. General Eaton’s remarks so piqued Jason of Iraq Now! that he wrote a truly blistering response, laden with facts, anecdotes, and unmentioned truths that shred poor General Eaton’s piece into confetti. I am hard-pressed to single out any single element for special praise, but this appeals to the Franco-basher in me too much to let pass unnoted:

Third, even if we had recruited Germany and France ground forces into the fight, US forces would be hard pressed to prevent mass surrenders of French troops to any German in sight. (And the New York Times would doubtless report the instance thus: “Entire allied brigade surrenders in Iraq.”)

Go. Read. And be enlightened while entertained.

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