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World-record bass – maybe – pulled from Lake Dixon

SAN DIEGO – Mac Weakley of Carlsbad caught what could be the world-record largemouth bass early Monday at Dixon Lake in Escondido.

The bass weighed 25 pounds, 1 ounce on a hand-held scale, which – if approved – would shatter the world record, the 22-pound, 4-ounce bass caught by George W. Perry at Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932.

The catch will have to be approved by the International Game Fish Association.

That may be a problem, however, because Weakley said he foul-hooked the fish – meaning the hook lodged below the dorsal fin on the fish’s side, not in the fish’s mouth.

That may or may not be a problem. The IGFA says you can not intentionally foul hook a fish. If it was not intentional, then he will be OK. -Maybe- The IGFA rules are very precise. They regulate the length and strength of leader etc. Any number of esoteric rules can disqualifiy you.

It is hard for someone not familiar with the rules to be in compliance. They even take a sample of your fishing line and break test it to see that it breaks at the right poundage. Freshwater is easier than big game* but still I’d be surprised if the guy gets awarded the record if he was not familiar with the rules ahead of time.

But since he let it go, I’m sure they’ll be about 1000 people fishing in the lake trying to get the record this weekend.

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* As I recall, both freshwater and salt have the same basic rules but many don’t apply to fresh. I’ve never heard of anyone having to be strapped into a fighting chair for a largemouth bass for example. And Kevin, I just noticed we don’t have a category called “Fishing.” There’s something wrong with that.

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