Mike Malloy Calls Our Troops Murderers

Expose the Left has an audio clip of Mike Malloy who went on a hate-America/hate-the-troops diatribe on his radio show last night. He made some really outrageous and horrible statements:

MIKE MALLOY: This is a murder trip, this is murder. How can we, you and me, how can we, is it getting harder for you to, if you’re a man, to stand infront of the mirror like I do in the morning and shave? You have to look at yourself for about seven to eight minutes, right? If you’re a woman, whatever you do infront of the mirror, is it getting harder?

…I’m becoming numb, are you? I mean, the outrage is still inside me, but how much outrage can you maintain 24/7 before you become numb? You say Jesus Christ, I can’t think about this anymore, I just can’t…

…This is not a war. There is nothing honorable. Do you agree with me on that? There is nothing honorable about what we’re doing. There is no honor here. There is no honor for the United States, there is no honor for our troops, there is no honor for the military leadership, there is no honor here in what we’re doing in Iraq. None. None. Every–not a bit.

If he really believes this crap, does he have the nerve to say these things to our troops in person, to their faces? Or does he only have the nerve to make these accusations when he’s safely entrenched in his radio studio?

And he of course whips out the Bush-is-Hitler card:

MALLOY: This is on a level with the Hitlerian attitudes towards the Jews and towards the Russians. This is just butchery, this is just murder, my God.

Malloy also makes the unbelievable accusation that our troops are participating in “war pornography,” pedaling photos of dead bodies on the internet. Of course, he doesn’t back up his accusation with proof. He references a link but refuses to give it because he claims it’s too pornographic.

Is it any surprise that Air America is a sinking ship?

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