Curses, foiled again…

This morning, Wizbang! was down for several hours. Kevin very patiently explained the technical reasons for it, but I still didn’t understand them. The important thing, though, was it was NOT my fault. It came back, but not until after I had left for work at The Day Job. (I’m gonna be working Sundays for the foreseeable future.)

This kept me from posting several pieces I wanted to write, but couldn’t. I saved one of them, and may follow through on at least one more for tomorrow.

Kevin adds: Long story short, when you do a move it’s worth poking through the settings you import. It seems buried deep in my account was a setting for some sort of bandwidth limit. With my own server that’s not an issue anymore, but the software dutifully implemented the imported restriction. As soon as I noticed it – or rather was made aware – I removed the limit. It won’t be bothering us again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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