Sittin' on the dock of the bay, watching the political tide roll away

Now that the port deal with the UAE is pretty much dead, it’s time to move on. No, I am still convinced that it wasn’t that big a deal, and no threat to our security, and think that the protests and objections were mostly hype, and I still hold my suspicions that the unions were behind a good chunk of it.

It’s time to move on, however. The battle is lost (not that I ever had much interest in fighting it), and now we should look at the lessons learned — and see how it can help us in future battles.

Now that the issue of security is front and center on the Democrats’ agenda, I say we take their newly-found testicular fortitude and gung-ho attitude and ram it down their throats. I say we take the statements of Dean, Schumer, Clinton, Kerry, and the like and play them over and over when we bring up a few other issues the hullaballoo over the ports has brought up. To wit:

Border security. If the idea of allowing Arabs to manage some terminals in our ports is a grave threat to our national security, how can we possibly overlook having NOBODY keep literally millions of people from just walking across our borders every year? And if they bring up the race card, remind them of their comments about “Arabs” — Arabs are at least as much a racial categorization as Hispanics.

Chinese management of several West Coast ports. The Chinese have a lengthy history of espionage — military and commercial — against the US. We fought a war with them in Korea. They are openly belligerent towards our great ally Taiwan. They tried to influence US elections with immense cash contributions in the 90’s. In 1996, Cosco (The Chinese Ocean Shipping Company, a state-owned company) was caught trying to smuggle 2,000 assault rifles (real assault weapons, fully automatic knockoff AK-47s) into the US. If Dubai is unfit to manage port terminal facilities, how the hell is China?

The mob’s control of the docks. If the ports are such a key security factor, how the hell can we continue to let them be utterly controlled by organized crime, through the unions? We need to root out this corruption and shine some disinfecting sunlight into this long-time cesspool.

Yeah, the Bush administration (and, in my opinion, common sense) lost this battle. But it kept the idiots occupied while the Patriot Act was renewed, and could very well end up being a pyrrhic victory for Hillary, Schumer, et al. All it needs is some masterful political work on one side, and a helping of sheer idiocy on the other.

Karl Rove is fairly undistracted, and the Democrats have spent this entire millenium mastering the art of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. Here’s hoping it all comes together.

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