Save Muhammad Al-Asadi


Michelle Malkin is blogging about Muhammad al-Asadi, a Yemen man who could be put to death for publishing thumbnail photos of the Muhammad Cartoons. From the BBC:

Yemeni lawyers have called for a newspaper editor to be sentenced to death for showing cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, his paper says.

Muhammad al-Asadi was arrested after his publication, the Yemen Observer, showed the Danish cartoons in February.

He denies the charges of offending Islam, under which he is being tried.

Life is so fleeting and valueless in most Islamic countries. Anyone can be killed at anytime for anything. There are no objective laws, simply a mob mentality that rules.

And more hypocrisy abounds:

When we ran our article on the Danish cartoons, it was all about how the Prophet should be honored, with quotations from famous people about what an important figure he was, and a news story on Yemeni protests. We reprinted the cartoons but blacked them out. Unfortunately by an innocent mistake in the production process, a thumbnail of the cartoons appeared on the front page–only 1.5cm [0.6 of an inch] by 2cm [0.8 of an inch], you could hardly read it. But then one of the directors of [another Yemeni newspaper] approached the Yemen Observer owners to blackmail us–that unless we paid them they would raise a stink. We refused, and they collected signatures on a petition that they presented to the prosecutor. Theirs is a newspaper that lives by blackmail, everybody knows that. But the government responded by revoking our license to publish and putting me in jail. (Emphasis mine)

Publishing cartoons of Muhammad gets a Muslim newspaper publisher a possible death sentence. Blackmail by another Muslim newspaper and prosecutors say nothing.

Update: Gateway Pundit reports that the lead prosecutor in this case has close ties to Al Qaeda. I’m shocked.

Also at Gateway Pundit: Kite-flying, folk dancing, and Danish cheese eating can get you in big trouble…if you’re in an Islamic country.

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