Bennish: Intellectual Child Abuser

Mike Rosen has an article today about how Jay Bennish abused his position of teacher and abused his students intellectually with his diatribe:

Bennish is supposed to be a teacher not an agitator. And, no, balance wouldn’t be served by an offsetting right-wing diatribe, wholly unlikely for an ideologue of his leftist ilk – and just as inappropriate in a 10th-grade classroom. His pretense is that this is Socratic dialogue meant to engage students. Nonsense. Socratic dialogue is reasoned, measured and dispassionate, not ranting and raving. Bennish’s tone is bitter and inflammatory. He’s a demagogue. He asks rhetorical questions and answers them himself with simplistic, left-wing sloganeering. “Capitalism is a violation of human rights,” he declares as incontrovertible fact. Really? According to whom, Karl Marx? Josef Stalin? Kim Jong Il? That kind of a declaration would be out of line even in a class on comparative economics and has no relevance whatsoever in a geography class!

Bennish shamelessly concludes his 20-minute harangue saying: “And I’m not in any way implying that you should agree with me. I don’t even know if I’m necessarily taking a position,” after he just finished doing precisely that. What chutzpah! This is part of his charade as an advocate, pretending he’s just provoking thought. He inserts this facile disclaimer, imagining that it inoculates him from charges of manipulating the impressionable young minds he rewards for regurgitating this twaddle back to him on a test or paper.

Lane, the Bennish button man, has questioned Allen’s “agenda.” Allen has made that clear. He believes it’s wrong for a teacher to exploit his position of trust to engage in self-indulgent ideological indoctrination. And Allen’s parents believe their public education tax dollars shouldn’t be used to subsidize Bennish’s political agenda and that their son is entitled to a fair and honest education. Apparently, many other parents and taxpayers agree. Nobody’s taking Jay Bennish “out of context.” He damns himself with his own words. This is nothing less than intellectual child abuse.

Apparently, Jay Bennish could be back to class on Monday.

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