Milblog of the Week

For this week’s Milblog, I’ve decided to hop across the pond and choose Mike “Hubby” Hubbard, a British Army Reservist currently stationed in Iraq. Mike is pretty much in the thick of things, seeing far more action than he probably expected to as a Reservist. He gives some very chilling descriptions of what it’s like to be under attack by rockets, or IEDs, or several other ways not in accordance with the traditional face-to-face confrontation — and while hampered by the rules that say he is not an invader or a conqueror, but a rebuilder and peacekeeper.

He’s a bit long-winded (but who am I to toss that around), but there’s quality that justifies the quantity. He’s a good writer, and he knows how to help others understand his experiences.

So head on over to Hubby’s site, give him a read, and leave a few kind words. After all, we might be the lead of a coaltion, but we are not alone over there. And Hubby’s a representative of one of our greatest allies.

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