Congressional Blog Reading

After a quick look at John Hawkins survey of which blogs members of Congress are reading I’m left with one inescapable conclusion: Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio is a genius.

Ignoring the fact that he has to good sense to include Wizbang on his reading list, Ney is the only survey respondent who appears to seek out the pulse of both sides of the blogosphere. Beltway Blogroll’s K. Daniel Glover singles out Ney for similar praise, and notes some other peculiarities in the survey responses.

Actually I’ve got another conclusion about the list. There’s a crap-load of e-mail in my inbox from the offices of some of the members on the list who evidently don’t read Wizbang; a dichotomy that did not escape my attention.

The interaction between Congress and the blogosphere is a subject I’ll be taking up in future (published) op-ed column.

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