Which is the true face of Islam?

Recently, two self-proclaimed Muslims have been the subject of discussion around here at Wizbang. And the contrast between the two could not be more remarkable.

Earlier this week, I mentioned Samiyah Diaz, a Muslim law student from Massachusetts who is challenging a firmly-entrenched State Senator for her seat. Ms. Diaz is running as a Republican, of all things, and has a platform of personal responsibility and fiscal accountability.

The other is a commenter who uses the moniker “Muslim Unity.” He’s been kicking in his two Rupees or Rials (he’s either Indian or Iranian; I’m not certain which) and runs his own blog.

Ms. Diaz is an accomplished woman. She speaks seven languages (six more than me, just for the record). She earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s from Tufts. And she did all this while also raising a child by herself.

“MU” (as I call him for short) doesn’t publish his biography — but to be fair, he isn’t seeking public office. He often speaks of peace and acceptance and tolerance and love. These are usually interspersed with such trifling diversions as calling for the brutal execution of George W. Bush, praising the death bounties offered for Danish cartoonists, threatening to blow up our cell phone system, threatening to kill those he considers “racists,” and pronouncing that all of the Middle East is Muslim holy land, and to hell with any other faiths’ prior claims to the land.

And let’s not forget that we should not fear Iran, which is truly a peaceful nation. And if we don’t accept them and embrace them as peaceful, they’ll kill us all.

MU isn’t really fond of Ms. Diaz. He pronounces that she is should not be considered a “real Muslim.” But other Muslims have a different opinion of her — she was elected President of the Muslim Law Students Association, and is a member of the Association of Muslim Professionals.

On the other hand, MU sounds an awful lot like your typical Muslim. He says the sorts of things that we have become accustomed to hearing from Muslims — angry, prideful, threatening, seasoned with the occasional empty words of “peace” and “tolerance.”

I sincerely hope that Ms. Diaz is the future of Islam. I fear that MU and his ilk — who do an admirable job of representing Islam’s past and present — will win out.

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