Muhammed Teheri-azar and the Will of Allah


Muhammad Taheri-azar had his first day in court this morning where he stated he wants to spread the will of Allah.

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled has done her own investigating and found quite a bit of background information on this guy that the media isn’t revealing:

After speaking with someone who knew Taheri-Azar, a little bit more interesting details come into view. The guy I spoke with said Taheri-azar pledged his fraternity, Sig Ep, and that the frat “blackballed” him, meaning kicked him out because he was such a recluse and antisocial. They referred to him as “Mo.”

He said that Taheri-azar was from a wealthy family, a frequent marijuana smoker and “most always high” and that he drank heavily as well. So much for being religiously pious.

My first conclusions were that it’s highly unlikely he’s related to any type of “cell.” First of all, his actions show that he’s a complete novice, that he had no operational funding, and that the attack was not well planned (although he did rent the Jeep from Enterprise). Further information continues to corroborate this.

He may not be part of a cell, but he’s still a terrorist.

Update:The 911 call Teheri-azar made after his attack was released today.

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