Building Traffic & Generating Buzz

If you’re in DC this week, have a little cash to spare, and looking for something to do, come to IPDI’s Politics Online Conference 2006 at George Washington University, March 7-8.

If you come you’ll be able to catch my scintillating Wednesday breakout session: Building Traffic & Generating Buzz

Why do some websites and blogs seem to go from zero to sixty overnight, while others languish? How do the hot sites get the links that generate the buzz that pulls in the big audiences – and the advertisers. Successful PR execs, Website publishers and “Influentials” experts share their secrets for reaching the right people and making websites and blogs take off.

Kevin Aylward (Moderator) – Publisher, Wizbang
Scott Delea – Digital Grit
Justin Greeves – Vice President, Roper ASW/NOP World
John Hlinko – Grassroots Enterprise

Hope to see you there…

As ye sow, so shall ye reap
Holland to Allow Infant Euthanasia


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