As ye sow, so shall ye reap

Yesterday, I spotted a news item that struck me as a bit familiar: over at Al Jazeera, they are reporting on the suffering of the Palestinians (as usual), and blaming Israel for their woes (as usual). But in all the complaining about the mean old Jews closing a border crossing after a measly couple of pesky little rocket attacks, I was reminded of Sherlock Holmes’ famous dog barking in the night.

The story refers to the Palestinians being unable to export their crops, grown in greenhouses in Gaza and exported for much-needed income. The tale refers to the hardships of being unable to send them through Israel to eager markets, describes the wasted crops being dumped, and quotes suffering Palestinian farmers.

But incredibly conspicuous by its absence is any mention of these greenhouses’ history.

They were built and operated by Israelis while they occupied Gaza, when Israel was pulling out Jewish donors from America raised $14 million and bought them from their owners, then out-and-out GAVE them to the Palestinian Authority, to give the Gazans a means to support themselves.

And these greenhouses were promptly looted and vandalized by rioting Palestinians, often while security forces either stood by and watched, or in some cases joined in.

(It is worth noting that fully half the Palestinian Authority’s budget goes towards “security,” in a waste of government funds that would give even Robert Byrd palpitations.)

This is not merely a case of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. This is beyond choosing death over life. This is an example of a people literally destroying their own future for the sake of petty, meaningless expressions of hatred.

And then these very same people chose to be led by terrorists, the terrorists who made suicide bombing a household word.

Tell you what, Palestinians: get back to us when you’re willing to join the civilized world. Until then, don’t call us, we’ll call you. And when that phone don’t ring (presuming you haven’t blown it up), you’ll know it’s us.

(Excellent prediction of this happening here, and a hat tip to SnoopyTheGoon, who is guest-posting at

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