Jihadist at UNC

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a 22 University of North Carolina graduate who plowed into a campus gathering area to kill as many students as he could, was charged today:

A recent University of North Carolina graduate was charged with nine counts of attempted murder Saturday, a day after authorities say he drove through a popular campus gathering spot in an attempt to avenge Muslim deaths.

Derek Poarch, chief of the university police department, confirmed Saturday that Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, a 22-year-old Iran native, told investigators he wanted to “avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world.” Poarch would not provide any other details on the motive…

…Taheri-azar told police Friday that they would find things inside his apartment in nearby Carrboro that would shed light on his motives, Poarch said. The State Bureau of Investigation searched the apartment with a bomb squad, but Poarch said they didn’t find anything dangerous.

So, what do innocent college students at an American university have to do with the deaths of Muslims around the world? Nevermind, such questions of logic are completely outside the realm of radical Islam.

Michelle Malkin is following this as well.

Robert at Jihad Watch says to expect more attacks like this one in the US.

Andy McCarthy of The Corner comments that he couldn’t find anything about this story in the newspaper of record and isn’t surprised.

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