Good News for Blackberry Users

Those who are addicted to BlackBerries don’t have to worry any longer. You won’t be shut down:

The maker of the popular BlackBerry wireless device, Research in Motion, said it had reached a 612.5 million dollar settlement to a patent lawsuit that could have shut down its US service.

The Canadian company said it had reached a “full and final settlement” with NTP Inc., a US firm that had accused RIM of violating its patents in the mobile software used in the Blackberry.

“All terms of the agreement have been finalized and the litigation against RIM has been dismissed by a court order this afternoon,” the Blackberry maker said in a statement.

“The agreement eliminates the need for any further court proceedings or decisions relating to damages or injunctive relief,” it said.

“NTP grants RIM an unfettered right to continue its business, including its BlackBerry-related business.”

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