Blanco lied, people died?

Now that the initial sound and fury of the AP’s “exclusive new videos” (which were neither exclusive nor new) that were hyped so heavily earlier this week has passed, folks are taking a long look at just what is on those tapes. And it turns out that a few things were kind of overlooked in the “blame Bush” hype.

For example, this little inconvenient fact:

  • At 9:12 a.m. on August 29, 2005, the National Weather Service had received reports of a levee breach in New Orleans and issued a flash-flood warning.
  • Shortly after noon that same day, Governor Kathleen Blanco assured Bush administration officials that no levees had breached.

Now, my instinct would normally tell me to chalk this up to the chaos and confusion of the moment in the wake of a totally unprecedented magnitude of disaster in modern US history, and to note that NWS had already issued its alerts, but since folks want to make the blame game here a blood sport, I think we ought to call for Blanco to resign or be removed from office, and possibly charged with numerous counts of negligent homicide.

And possibly a lawsuit from Hershey, for allowing the destruction of Ray Nagin’s “Chocolate City.”

Did I miss any of the standard talking points?

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