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This week’s Milblog is JD’s blog from Faces from the Front. JD is a former Marine combat cameraman who left the Corps and went into journalism, and is now in Iraq as an embedded reporter with his former unit. He brings a truly unique perspective — a journalist who has actually lived the life of those he is now covering. And he brings the expertise of both worlds needed to properly understand both.

For example, a lot of people are discussing the latest Zogby poll of US forces about when we should pull out of Iraq. JD took a look at not just the numbers, but some of the facts surrounding those numbers, and came up with the same conclusion that a lot of others did: Zogby isn’t just talking out of his ass, he’s got full-blown dysentery of the mouth going on.

And his open letter to several liberal critics of war policy is potent medicine.

JD doesn’t post that often, but quality certainly outweighs quantity in his case. Head on over and leave a few kind words — if not for JD, then for those he’s embedded with. I strongly suspect he’ll pass them along.

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