World Public Says Iraq War Increases Terrorism

World Public Opinion decided to poll the world to get world opinion on the US’s Iraq policy. Considering the anti-American sentiment in many parts of the world as well as the bias of this organization the results are not surprising.

A new global poll finds that in 33 of 35 countries surveyed, the most common view is that the war in Iraq has increased the likelihood of terrorist attacks around the world. On average, 60 percent of the respondents have this perception, while just 12 percent think the Iraq war has decreased the likelihood of terrorist attacks; another 15 percent think it has had no effect either way.

Now take a look at this paragraph, which says the majority of the world believes it was a mistake to oust Saddam Hussein:

While nearly all countries reject the idea that the Iraq war was an effective part of a larger war against terrorism, more countries than not also think it was a mistake to remove Saddam Hussein. There are 21 countries where more people view the 2003 removal of Saddam Hussein as a mistake, while in 11 countries more people view it as the right decision. Three countries are divided. On average, 45 percent view removing Saddam as a mistake, while 36 percent view it as the right decision.

GlobeScan President Doug Miller concludes, “It’s official. Citizens worldwide think Western leaders have made a fundamental mistake in their war on terror by invading Iraq. And, short of the Iraqi government asking them to stay longer, people think the troops should leave.”

Try to convince the Iraqis who had to live under Saddam’s tyrannical regime that removing him was a mistake:

Looking back at the removal of Saddam in 2003, Iraqis are easily the most enthusiastic about it, with 74 percent saying it was the right decision. At the same time, 75 percent believe that it has increased the risk of terrorist attacks around the world.

The fact is the main terrorist activity that has taken place around the world lately, and is still going on in some places, comes from the radical jihadists who, in country after country, day after day, sacked and torched embassies, burned buildings, threatened beheadings, and attempted to suppress freedom of speech and press in a trumped up protest to the Muhammad Cartoons.

The Iraq war had absolutely nothing to do with these worldwide acts of terrorism.

Now we have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a complete nutball, running Iran who can’t enrich urnanium fast enough, said Israel should be wiped off the map, and is recruiting suicide bombers to attack the US and UK. If anything increases the risk of more terrorism throughout the world, it’s this guy, who would give a nuclear weapon to terrorists in a hot minute if he could.

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