Winning the war on terror, one giggle at a time

I’ve often said, proudly, that I consider myself a Zionist. It’s a conclusion I’ve come to after careful consideration and reasoning — the world is a better place with Israel in it. As a corollary, I have a great deal of resentment and loathing of anti-Semitism, especially in the more virulent forms that are becoming predominant around the world today.

In the aftermath of the Great Mohammed Cartoon Brouhaha, one group decided that the best way to fight back against one Danish newspaper publishing these cartoons was to have a contest of its own, openly soliciting the most vile, anti-Semitic cartoons they could. I don’t quite see the connection here, but I guess I can let it slide.

I took a look at these cartoons, and they can be pretty nasty.

On the other hand, some are pretty funny.

In fact, one of them made me actually laugh out loud — and that’s a high standard.

Humor is a mark of civilization. “He who laughs last, laughs best” is also a mark of social progress.

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