"Taxes are for little people"

Recently, a would-be candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts had to withdraw after it was revealed that she had a huge backlog of unpaid taxes, loans, defaults, and other records of financial mismanagement. (She was a Democrat, naturally.) Inspired by that, the Boston Herald decided to do a bit more digging.

There are 36 elected officials from Boston who oversee public budgets, on the City Council and in the state legislature. And it turns out that 6 of them — 1 out of 6 — all have run afoul of paying the state their “fair share.”

Admittedly, some of them are pretty minor — one Councilor says that he’s disputing one $399 excise tax bill, not ignoring it, and a clerical error on his part ballooned a $26 shortage in 1997 ballooned into $76 in penalties and interest, for example — but one would think that those who hold public office would be “purer than Caesar’s wife” in such matters, and would be extra-vigilant to comply with the laws that they help to pass.

But then, one would not be discussing Massachusetts politicians.

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