Minor Changes Site Change – New Permalinks

After nearly three years I’ve finally tired of the default links to stories at Wizbang. They’re of the variety archives/001435.php, and while they’re nice and short, they’re not very descriptive.

The new permalinks (and their behind the scenes redirection) are now running on Wizbang Pop!, Wizbang Tech, and Wizbang Bomb Squad. I’ve solved the problem of breaking existing inbound links with some simple code and will tackle the rest of the sites (including the nearly 8,000 entries at Wizbang) tomorrow.

As with any good data migration Wizbang readers won’t notice any difference – aside from longer and more descriptive permalinks.

Oh, I should probably mention that (by request) there is now an option to subscribe to Wizbang and Wizbang Bomb Squad posts via e-mail on the Feeds page. E-mail subscriptions for the rest of the sites should be added there within the next day or two…

There are none so deaf as those who will not hear
Hillary Says She's Rove's Obsession


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