Blogs Are Dying? Alert The Media!

The semi-annual ritual of predictions of the eminent demise of “blogs” is upon us again. Jason Fry in The Wall Street Journal recounts the latest predictions of impending doom…

Recent weeks have seen the rise of a cottage industry in Whither Blogging? articles. New York magazine cast cold water on newly minted bloggers’ dreams with an examination of the divide between a handful of A-list blogs and countless B-list and C-list blogs that can’t get much traffic no matter how hard their creators work. Slate’s Daniel Gross spotlighted signs that blogs may have peaked as a business. And a much-discussed poll from Gallup concluded that growth in U.S. blog readers was “somewhere between nil and negative.” From there it was off to the races, with all manner of commentators weighing in, led by the Chicago Tribune, which smirked its way through an anti-blogging editorial that got Mr. Gross’s name wrong while taking odd potshots at Al Gore and snowboarding.

Reports of blogging’s demise are bosh, but if we’re lucky, something else really is going away: the by-turns overheated and uninformed obsession with blogging. Which would be just fine, because it would let blogging become what it was always destined to be: just another digital technology and method of communication, one with plenty to offer but no particular claim to revolution.

He goes on to note that the Chicago Tribune got smacked around by one of their own columnists – Eric Zorn – who just so happens to blog for The Trib…

Fry missed one recent naysayer, which it turns out given their extremely poor record at predicting the future, is actually a good omen for bloggers. The 10th anniversary edition of Fast Company trumpets “bloggers” as one of the six jobs that won’t exist in 2016. Fast Company was founded to give glossy print reach-arounds to Silicon Valley VC’s, so anything they proclaim as the next big thing should be looked at askew.

If Fast Company (inspiration for the dot-com death pool site F**dcompany) says you’re on the path to obsolescence it’s a safe bet that you’ve got a rosy future…

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