Baby Charlotte's Healthcare in England

Baby Charlottte is a brain damaged two year old girl living in England who brings great joy to her family and friends. Unfortunately, she contracted a virus (it’s winter – it’s going to happen) which as hampered her breathing. A British court has determined that her life isn’t worth fighting for and has issued a ruling saying that all resuscitation should be denied if she stops breathing. Her parents are completely against this.

Baby Charlotte’s health is fragile normally, so she will go through health scares like this again. This will cost Britain a lot of money. Since Britain has a nationalized healthcare system, funded by taxpayer money, it’s in the state’s best interest to let her die.

The British court is using the standard lie of “it’s in her best interest,” which our very own pro-death crowds have argued here.

Please pray for Baby Charlotte; she needs all the help she can get.

To keep up on Baby Charlotte’s progress see the family’s blog.

California Conservative has also posted about Baby Charlotte and posed this: “Is this the direction America is headed? Is this where the ACLU, and the “right to die” folks will take us?”

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Kim Priestap blogs at Kim Priestap: A Conservative Blog in Flyover Country

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