Where's PETA?

This ritual is really cruel and disgusting:

ORURO, Bolivia (Reuters) – Every day, miners in the Bolivian city of Oruro emerge from the underground gloom with dusty, grimy faces. On Friday, they emerged dressed in ceremonial ponchos, their faces smeared with the blood of sacrificed llamas.

Simply to say thanks for staying alive for another year, the Oruro miners who eke out a living from abandoned state mines cut the hearts from llamas in a ritual offering to Mother Earth and Tio, who among Aymara Indians is the mythical owner of the mines.

Their work is dangerous, so the offerings must be great.

“I’m 56 and I’m still alive, which surprises me because so many of my friends have died,” said Isaac Meneses as the miners gathered at the mouth of the Itos mine near this mining town some 145 miles south of La Paz,

Huddled around a rusty railway cart laden with sweets, confetti and eggs, the miners chewed coca leaves and sprinkled alcohol on the offerings to be taken below in a ritual that takes place every year on the Friday before Carnival celebrations in Bolivia.

As the ritual reached its climax in a vast cavern at the top of the mine shaft, the llamas were brought in. Amid shouts of “Viva” in Aymara, their throats were slit and hearts cut out to be offered on silver plates.So, where’s the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)?

If you go onto PETA’s website, you’ll see all kinds of literature condemning eating beef (caution-very graphic), chicken (scary for children), and bacon and ham as well as wearing fur (scary for children), leather, and wool.

PETA even goes as far as to condemn things as innocent as circuses and as important as animal research.

But PETA says nothing about slicing the throats and cutting out the hearts of innocent llamas simply for good luck.


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