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While much of the left sings the praises of “diversity” and the like, institutions like the military have discovered that true diversity comes not from promoting excellence, in being as color-blind as possible. Our military is as close to a pure meritocracy as I know of, where folks are judged strictly on the basis of ability and performance and all other considerations take a back seat — if they’re not stuffed in the trunk or left at the curb.

That’s where this week’s Milblog comes in.

Suzanne Fornier of Alexandria, Ohio has had a busy life. For example, she’s a mother and grandmother — in fact, she has seven children and 15 grandchildren. One has the image of a quaint little old lady puttering around her house, knitting and baking cookies for that horde of grandchildren.

Instead, she’s serving with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq. Her main duties are visiting Iraqi schools in preparation for her buddies coming along and helping to fix them up. She’s also using herself as an example to the students, in particular the girls, to show just what other options are open to them.

And she posts the most beautiful pictures of smiling Iraqi schoolchildren.

Now, kind words from strangers won’t exactly substitute for seeing her own children and granchildren and the rest of her family, but it certainly won’t hurt. Head on over and check out her blog, leave some good wishes.

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