No peeking at the Thin Blue Line

Yesterday, He Who Needs No Linkage pointed to this story about a SWAT raid (I’m sorry — an “Alcohol Beverage Control Inspection”) on a bar in Manassas Park, Virginia. It’s not a pretty story.

One way it could get uglier is if the cops involved take a leaf from Massachusetts law enforcement and decide that they are above being taped during the course of their duties.

Police raided a home in Leominster, Massachusetts and arrested a man. During the course of the raid, they triggered a “nanny-cam” that taped the entire incident. A local woman got the video and posted it on the internet. The police, not liking the way they looked, are threatening the woman with legal consequences if she doesn’t take the video down.

I am a huge supporter of law enforcement. I almost instinctively take the side of the cops in almost every case. But I have no problem with people taping the police when they are on duty, on MY dime, carrying out their duties. One can carve out specific exemptions to the policy (even cops get potty breaks, and undercover officers NEED to have their identities protected), but when they are carrying out searches, arrests, and the like, they should have NO problem with being taped.

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