It's Not Every Day…

That you’re on the front page of The Wall Street Journal…

Today I scaled that wall, appearing in a story on our video content partners Brightcove and Reuters, Online Video Goes Mainstream, Sparking an Industry Land Grab. Unfortunately it’s for WSJ subscribers only right now, but I’m trying to get that changed The article is now open to non-subscribers.

Here’s the relevant excerpts..

Radio Abeokuta, a Web site dedicated to the promotion of the Yoruba language and culture in Nigeria, recently started carrying video news stories from Reuters Group PLC. It didn’t conduct a word of negotiations with the British news giant. It simply filled out a form on the Reuters Web site. So did a news site in the Slovak Republic and an American political blog called Wizbang, among more than 120 others.

This simple transaction, which has big implications for the media business, was made courtesy of a small Cambridge, Mass., start-up business called Brightcove Inc. With backing from Time Warner Inc.’s America Online and Barry Diller, it is one of many companies vying to be a middleman profiting from the vast flood of video content now coursing through the Internet.

“You become a little multimedia or cable company yourself,” says Kevin Aylward, who runs, a political Web log, or blog. On its homepage is a link to the “Wizbang News Channel” that activates a Brightcove player featuring a choice of 15 Reuters news stories.

…One taker is Mr. Aylward of the political blog Wizbang. On the blog’s homepage is a small player with a caption that says, “Watch the Wizbang News Channel.” When it is clicked, the Brightcove player appears with a choice of 15 Reuters news stories. Mr. Aylward says he likes the system, because instead of posting links to videos hosted elsewhere on the Internet, he now can keep readers on his page. Eventually he wants to use Brightcove to post videos from a wide range of political and news content companies through links embedded in individual stories.Thanks to WSJ writer Peter Grant for getting both the spelling of my name and the URL correct. It’s such a rareity…

For those of you arriving from The Wall Street Journal Online here’s a quick link to the News Channel, and here’s a link to an individual story – Calls grow for block on U.S ports deal – something I’ve obviously already figured out how to do…

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