Wizbang Comment Feed

There’s a RSS/Atom feed at Wizbang called Full Feed With Comments. This is a template I’ve had for eons, and it does do what its name implies – shows a full post and the comments to the entry. One of the downsides of the feed is that once an entry scrolls off the index it also stops showing new comments in the feed.

I’m curious if the 360 (or so) people who read that feed would rather have a feed dedicated to comments on all posts. Part of the reason I ask is because the Full Content feed has ten times the readership of the w/ Comments feed. If so few people are using it, perhaps I could replace it with something better?

Basically the new comment feed I envision would consist of the last XX comments on all entries, and they’d always be the latest comments. Personally I think there’s probably more value in a feed like that than the current comment feed.

Here’s what the new feed would look like.


A Civil Action
NH gives Sharia law a pass


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