Open doors, closed futures

OK, I am officially annoyed at the Bomb Squad. I had a lengthy piece worked up that touched upon the handing over of the management of six United States ports to a company owned by the United Arab Emirates, and I see Starling has already done it for me. So instead of repeating Starling’s excellent work, I’ll simply send you there for the first part of this piece.

The second is also pre-written. Last week, I discussed the increase in violent incidents along the Mexican border, with smugglers (of drugs, people, and other forms of contraband) using military equipment, weapons, uniforms, and possibly even soldiers to aid their entry into the United States.

The common thread here is a simple one: who shall determine who and what enters the United States, and how seriously should we take that concern?

I say yes. There’s an old saying (I think, originally, put forth by Pat Buchanan) that says something like “a nation that cannot secure its own borders will not long be a nation.” It is the fundamental definition of what comprises a nation — a defined geographic area where a government and laws hold sway — that is being threatened here. No government has the right to abdicate this most basic responsibility. And that is what is being allowed to happen here, both in the six ports being bartered away and the sheer apathy over the open sieve that is our southern border — is the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States, and all the rights, privileges, responsibilities, and freedoms that are part and parcel thereof.

The United States is a unique institution in the world’s history. And I deeply resent the threat actions such as this pose to our continued existence.

Just how does a bathtub corner, anyway?
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