Putting the shoe on the other foot

The other day, I happened to hear another one of those “immigration advocates” — you know, the type that focuses all their efforts on illegal aliens, and largely leaves legal immigrants to go hang — on the radio, and (as usual) I got irritated with him. But as he was talking, I thought of an idea that might be tremendous fun and send a rather effective message.

These folks (at least in Massachusetts) have a few tricks in their bag that they recycle as needed. One of them is public rallies, where they attempt to show by sheer numbers the size and strength of their position. For example, when they were trying to get in-state tuition for illegal aliens last fall, they held a rally inside the state house, so lawmakers could see the faces of the people who were looking for this break. And when they were unhappy with New Hampshire police chiefs arresting illegal aliens for “criminal trespass,” they demanded — and were granted — and appointment with the state Attorney General to express their concerns.

Now, when they do these things, they make sure to follow all the rules and get all the necessary permits, and they also publicize their moves to get the most attendance and attention. And that is their big weakness.

When one of these events is coming up, what we ought to do is simply show up a little early with counter-signs and the like. Or attempt to see the official they are seeking before they get in. And when they object, we simply declare ourselves “undocumented protesters” and accuse them of discrimination. I’d even go so far as to refuse to leave until they get the police involved, just to maximize their hypocrisy.

A few incidents like this ought to work wonders towards spreading a counter-message to these folks…

(Thanks to the Protest Warriors and LT SMASH for inspiration)

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