How Bad Did CNN Blow the Cheney Coverage?

If you work at a news organization and one of your producers has to do a story on WHY what you are reporting on is a story, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ve blown the coverage.

Why the Cheney shooting is a story

By Tim McCaughan
CNN Senior White House Producer

WASHINGTON (CNN) — If the vice president shot a man in the forest, would we hear about it?

Apparently a day later.

Well, it was more like a field than a forest, but you get the point.

Last Saturday, while out hunting quail, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot one of his hunting partners. The victim was Harry Whittington, a prominent lawyer and Cheney friend from Austin, Texas.

From a witness account, Whittington had shot a bird, gone to retrieve his kill and had not announced his returning presence to Cheney and others. (Read full story)

Aside from the inevitable conspiracy theories, it seems the facts about the incident are not in dispute. Cheney was hunting. Cheney’s friend also was hunting. They carried shotguns. They were shooting at birds. They got temporarily separated. One mistakenly fired on the other while trying to shoot a bird.

This is apparently how many hunting accidents happen — miscommunication and misdirection.

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. We knew everything we needed to know about the story from reading the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, but CNN went wall to wall for almost a week – saying absolutely nothing new. Now they have to write stories telling us poor unwashed idiots why we don’t understand how important this really was. YAWN.

If you are old enough (like I am) it is hard not to juxtapose this against the coverage of Clinton committing perjury; where day after the day the media kept tell us how that WASN’T a story. Every night on the cable news they kept telling us this was a non-story…. Sure the President willfully and purposely lied (under oath in a court of law) but it was a sex lie so it was OK.

Here the Vice-President is involved in an accident and the media had to explain why they pushed it so hard.

You don’t suppose party affiliation had anything to do with it, do you?

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