Milblog of the week

In times of war, there is nothing quite like thoughtful, calm, reasoned analysis of the situation, especially when it’s from a soldier serving on the front lines. The insights of a person right in the thick of things can sometimes hold remarkable value, as the dichotomy those calm, rational, profound thoughts emerging from chaos can hold great sway.

And then there’s the writings of Dreadcow of Fun With Hand Grenades.

You wanna know a little of what war is like? Head on over. The classic tale of long stretches of boredom, interrupted by brief moments of terror, is being told yet again — but Dreadcow manages to make it interesting and entertaining. And he answers the age-old question of “how do soldiers go potty in combat situations?” in far more detail than anyone really wants to know. Apparently bladder-voiding is a major issue over there.

So go on over to Dreadcow’s site, read his stuff, and leave a few kind words. You’ll feel good about it, and Dreadcow certainly shouldn’t mind it.

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