Debunking Cheneygate Myths

A few of the spinning lefties, notably firedoglake, have noted that The Smoking Gun has a copy of the official police report on the Dick Cheney hunting accident. Here’s what they’re not telling you…

The reports shoots down two of their latest talking points about the Cheney shooting.

  1. Cheney was drunk when he shot his hunting mate – 78-year-old lawyer Harry Whittington.
  • Because Cheney was drunk, he (or the Secret Service) prevented the local police from entering the ranch until Sunday – a full day after the accident – to allow him time to sober up.
  • What the firedoglake blogger is failing to point out is that the released report contains a two page supplemental report by Sheriff Ramon Salinas that discredits their theory. Salinas’ report was written long before this became a moonbat rallying cry.

    From Page 4 of TSG’s document set:

    After speaking with Captain Kirk I contacted Constable Ramiro Medellin Jr., former Sheriff of Kenedy County and asked him if he had any information about the accident. Constable Medellin stated that he would call me right back.

    Constable Medellin returned my call and said, “This in fact is an accident.” He stated that he had spoken with some of the people in the hunting party who were eyewitnesses ans that they all said it was definitely a hunting accident. I also spoke with another eyewitness and he said the same then. that it was an accident.

    After hearing the same information from eyewitnesses and Constable Medellin, it was at this time that I decided to send my Chief Deputy first thing Sunday morning to interview the Vice-President and other witnesses.

    A few minutes later, I received another call from the Secret Service asking if I was going to send someone to the Ranch. I told him that someone would be there first thing in the morning. The Secret Service said they would be at the gated waiting.

    At approximately 6:15 p.m. I contacted Chief Deputy San Miguel and advised him of the incident and to be at the gate at approximately 8:00 a.m.Let’s review…

    Sheriff Ramon Salinas decided when his investigator would interview the witnesses, based on the fact that a former Sheriff he obviously knew well was on the scene, and that all reports were that the incident was an accident.

    Where the conspiracy theory regarding alcohol and the delay in the investigation falls apart is the bolded line. The Secret Service (in effect) asked for the investigator to come to the ranch on Saturday. They obviously wanted to be ready to escort the investigator onto the property and attempted to co-ordinate the expected visit with the Sheriff. It was only at that point that they discovered there would be no investigator until Sunday morning.

    If Cheney (or anyone else in the hunting party) was noticeably drunk (of which there is absolutely no evidence) and the Secret Service wanted to cover that up (again no evidence) why would they call the Sheriff and as when they could expect the investigator?

    Giving the Sheriff and his deputies an open invitation to arrive onsite hardly seems like the best plan for a coverup…

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