Just how bad is Boston's crime problem?

I’ve often cited Boston’s problem with violent crime, and criticized (OK, “mocked” might be a fairer description) their efforts to bring it under control. But just how bad is the situation?

Last Sunday, the Boston Herald ran the numbers, and it’s pretty horrific.

Last year, there were 290 people shot in Boston — about a quarter of them fatally. And in those 290 cases, police have made exactl y 8 arrests. (Although that’s not as bad as it might seem at first — one of those arrested was charged in 2 shootings, so 9 shootings have been accounted for.) In 281 cases, police have no answer for who shot somebody. That’s a 97% failure rate.

Once again, I see that if I ever feel the need to just randomly shoot someone (which would involve getting a gun, ammunition, and (shudder) venturing into Massachusetts), I ought to do it on the streets of Boston. The odds of getting away with it are definitely in my favor.

Especially since Duh Mayor is more concerned with stamping gun serial numbers on shell casings and other frivolous distractions instead of the time-proven solutions: more cops on the street, walking the beat, and REAL penalties for violent crime.

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