When all else fails, crack down on the law-abiding folks

Last year, Boston had a ten-year-high in murder rates. And this year is looking no better — six homicides since January 1 already (two more than the same time period last year), and many more non-fatal shootings. The people are demanding that the city do something, and the learned solons of Beantown are quick to act when their jobs may be on the line.

When problems refuse to be solved by the old methods, new ones are often required. Politicians need to look at new, novel approaches that might curb the crisis.

Unfortunately, the leaders in Boston can’t quite grasp that. Instead, they are “stuck on stupid” and returning to variations on the classic liberal themes: don’t single out the bad guys, blame everyone.

So, to keep criminals from shooting people, they’re cracking down on those who buy bullets.

Their ideas so far are rather visionary, such as requiring guns to “micro-stamp” their serial numbers on the shell casings they fire. Other notions are restricting how much ammunition someone can buy at once and recording who buys bullets.

The irony is, there is a simple solution to their problem, one readily visible just across the border here in New Hampshire: it’s called “punishing the guilty.” We don’t believe in punishing everyone just because a few act irresponsibly; we make examples of them, partly to encourage others to not follow their lead.

But that’s not sufficiently nuanced for Massachusetts, it seems.

And so the bodies continue to pile up.

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