Contest Update – Linkapaloza Deadline Looms

The Wizbang Linkapaloza contest, where you can win money for blogrolling the sites in the Wizbang network of blogs ends today. I’ll be doing the drawing for winners Monday morning, so get you entries in before then!

You can read all about the details here: Wizbang Contest – Linkapaloza.

Note: There’s a 6th blog almost set to join the other 5 blogs – Wizbang Sports.


You still only need 5 of the blogs blogrolled, but now you have a choice of any five of the six. More information on Wizbang Sports will be coming out this week. It features the same self sign up as the Wizbang Bomb Squad, and if you’re already a Bomb Squad member you’ll get immediate access by entering your Bomb Squad username, e-mail address, and password. The site should launch Tuesday, but sign-ups are open now…

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