Milblog of the Week

This week’s Milblog is Those Wacky Iraqis, by FlytheMig29. Fly doesn’t say much about himself, but he has a definite opinion on The Great Cartoon War, and thinks that independent journalist/blogger/living legend Michael Yon deserves some recognition. He, too, remembers the day, the moment he learned about the Challenger disaster, and discusses how the most extraordinary circumstances can become, after a while, almost mundane.

And when a lot of people were either shaking their heads or making crude jokes about the people trampled to death in Mecca during the annual pilgrimage recently (I myself referred to it as a “stamp-Eid”), Fly did something amazing: he stepped back and tried to find a solution. It doesn’t have a chance in hell of being implemented, but damn, it ought to — I hate to use such a trite cliche as “thinking outside the box,” but bringing the Mouse to Mecca could be the perfect solution.

Go on over there and give Fly a read, leave some kind words. We owe it to him and all those like him, and you’ll feel better about yourself, too.

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