Iraqi Security Force Turnover Rate Increases

What follows is an interesting piece of information from a briefing by Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, spokesman for the Multi-National Force – Iraq, showing the change in battle space from Coalition Forces to Iraqi Security Forces over the last five months.

In September of 2005, the Iraqi Security Forces had 2 brigades and 19 battalions that owned battle space. The areas can be seen here in green and are in a few districts of Baghdad and then areas just south of Baghdad.

Here is the battle space owned by the Iraqi Security Forces as of January 2006 which consists of 2 Divisions, 8 brigades and 37 battalions. Please note that the Iraqi Police control their own battle space in Baghdad and the striped areas of the map represent battle space we expect the ISF to take over in the next 30 days as long as they pass their final validation.

Expect this to be widely undereported…

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