Senate Office Building Evacuated After Nerve Gas Alert

Staffers and Senators were evacuated from the Russell Senate Office building this evening at around 6:30 PM. As of 9:00 PM all of those evacuated are holed up in the parking garage, in sort of a mini quarantine.

WASHINGTON (AP) – A Capitol office building was evacuated Wednesday night after sensors indicated the presence of a nerve agent but a later test proved negative.

“Tests initially indicated a nerve agent,” said Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider. “A subsequent test indicated it is not a nerve agent.”

Schneider said about a dozen senators were among 200 people who were asked to remain in a parking garage.

“We’ll keep everyone until we don’t have the need to keep them anymore,” she said.

Authorities were awaiting the results of a third test for more conclusive results.It’s expected that it was a false alarm and that the senators and staffers will be released around 9:30PM.

Update: At 9:40PM the all clear was sounded.

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