French Weekly Angers Muslims With New Cartoons


A French weekly has further stoked the “cartoon violence” debate. French weekly Charlie Hebdo devotes the majority of it’s 16 pages to the Danish cartoons and adds several new ones. The cover illustration is by the magazine’s in-house cartoonist, Cabu, and the headline reads: “Muhammad overwhelmed by fundamentalists.” The quote coming from Mohammed is, “It’s hard to be loved by idiots”.

The French government and Muslim organizations are none too pleased, according to the Guardian UK:

Several Muslim organisations, including the French Council of the Muslim Faith and the mosques of Paris and Lyon, had initiated court proceedings against Charlie Hebdo for alleged “racial and religious insult”.

They asked a Paris court to stop the weekly’s publication and its accompanying advertising campaign. But the court yesterday rejected their demands on a technicality, saying there were problems with the way the complaint was made.

“We would have liked that the wish for appeasement had prevailed,” said the vice-president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, Fouad Alaoui.

“Charlie Hebdo wants to inflame the situation, French Muslims are saying ‘no’. One cannot allow that our societies encourage insults,” he said.To the surprise of almost no one bomb threats are cascading in…

Update: CNN seems rather amused by it all, judging by this headline – Bush urges end to cartoon violence

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More images from Charlie Hebdo magazine available at and No Pasaran

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