New Hampshire Blogger Bash?

I’ve often commented that I have no life. It’s often stated in jest, but there’s a lot of truth in that. I need to get out more, spend a little quality time away from this computer. It’s wonderful, but to have it as my primary — nearly sole — outlet to the world can’t be healthy.

So I’m thinking about tossing a little blog-gathering next weekend, either Friday the 17th or Saturday the 18th. Just picking someplace public, saying I’ll be there, and anyone else who feels like stopping by, please do so.

But I stink at things like this. That’s why I’m gonna ask for some help from you folks.

Anyone interested in attending a Blog Bash in southern NH? And any ideas for a good place, in the Concord/Manchester/Nashua/Salem area? My first leaning is towards Jillians in Manchester next Saturday afternoon/evening, but what the hell do I know?

If that sounds appealing to you, and you’d be interested and able to attend, speak up in the comments. If you have any suggestions for time and place, add those in, too.

That’s the weekend my best friend is coming up for a family obligation, too, but I might be able to lure him away for a few hours. He’s an occasional commenter here.

So speak up, folks. Blogger bash? Who wouldn’t like to bash a blogger face-to-face?

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