Doesn't anyone read Snopes?

Over at the Bomb Squad, kimsch brings us this warning to register our cell phone numbers with the national Do Not Call registry, lest we be bombarded with telemarketing calls.

Folks, it’s BOGUS. An urban legend.

Repeat after me, folks. Snopes is your friend. Snopes is your friend. Snopes is your friend…

(Anyone who would like to argue with Snopes would be well advised to do some actual research and cite authoritative sources, like they do. Simply saying crap like “if everyone’s saying it, there must be some truth in it” or “it can’t hurt to register anyway” is simply putting a big “I am a gullible twit” sign on your chest.)

And for heaven’s sake, DON’T mindlessly forward every panicked e-mail warning before checking it out for yourself. The spammers are complaining that crap like this is hogging the bandwidth they need for viagra, penis enlargement, credit counseling, and Nigerians looking to share their wealth.

Yet another reason to despise the Carter administration...
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