When a good thing comes along… Mickey wrecks it

A few years ago, I worked for a guy who was into subversive music. His Audi had a GWAR sticker on it, for heaven’s sake.

One day were were chatting, and he mentioned how appalled he was at Target for using Devo’s “Beautiful World” for their commercials.

I didn’t get it. It’s a rather silly and trite song, I thought, upbeat and fun. Almost ready-made for a commercial.

“You never listened to all the lyrics, did you?” he asked.

I had to confess I hadn’t.

“All the way through the song, they say ‘it’s a beautiful world — for you.’ But at the end, they say ‘it’s a beautiful world for you’ — but not me.’

Damn, he was right. That last tag line completely inverts the whole chipper point of the song, turning it into an anthem of dystopia and dissatisfaction.

That anecdote was brought to mind when I spotted this posting over at Silflay Hraka, which talks about the latest Disney project — a bunch of pubescent kids who, with the blessing of the original band, have formed Dev2.0.

But naturally, like anything Disney touches, they have to destroy it.

If you check out the video for the new cover of “Beautiful World,” it’s a really good remake. Excellent work. Right up until the end.

How does Nicole end the song?

“It’s a beautiful world for you… I guess me too.”

It’s a beautiful world for you… and me too!”

Things must be bright and chipper and happy in Disneyland… or else.

F*** 'em if they can't take a joke
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