Redesign Preview – Early Version


Jeff Harrell, who is the designer working on the new look for Wizbang, sent me a mock-up that’s getting closer to the final version of the front page. There’s still some detail not shown and the lower half, and what content is there was pasted in from an older mock-up. but it should give you a general idea of where we’re headed. All of the sites will use a variant of the new look, but we’re still working out the details of how that will look. One of the other new features not shown is a post rating system, where readers can push stories up (or down) the page.

Lots more detail to come…

Update: The full size links are now resizable so you can see the whole page. The only difference between the looks is one has a top story with photo and the other doesn’t.

Update 2: Perhaps I got a little ahead of myself on the post rating system. It’s definitely part of the plan, but it’s really targeted at the (unannounced) news section. So when I said “push stories up (or down) the page” I should have qualified that to “push stories up (or down) SOME of the pages.”

What you’re seeing is a conceptual layout of the Wizbang front page, where the ratings will probably affect only a subset of the stories from the aggregated sections. There’s a strategy behind this madness; in which the Bomb Squad site, the Podcast site, the Pop! site, the Tech site, the news site, and other unannounced sites all fit. There will still be a blog here, it’s just that now there is so much more as well. The challenge is integrating a massive increase in content in a usable and accessible fashion.

If we do our job correctly you’ll be able to read chronologically, categorically, or by popularity all within the same framework. There’s a lot you’re not seeing yet at the front page, section, and story level; so do give us a chance to layout more of the look before tearing it completely to shreds.

I do appreciate the comments and critiques, so keep them coming.

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