Word games

I love words. Especially new words. One of my favorite new words is “ignoranus,” from a contest the Washington Post holds every year where they ask readers to submit new words based on taking an existing word and adding, removing, or changing a single letter.

One possible winner was sent to me by Jim Lynch of Southern Yankee — “Filibluster.” But I have to quibble with his definition. It’s too specific for such a grand new word.

How about this?

Filibluster: a threat to hold up legislative action by an endless series of speeches, made with the safe knowledge that it will not succeed, merely to placate the more extreme element of your supporters. Also, as a verb, the act itself.”

It’s a highly-specific form of talking out of one’s ass, and it looks like it’s been mastered by the highly-embarassing Senators from Massachusetts…

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